That day, I felt Color from afar. You see, we, Miciniks, have a very sharp nose and can sense any person or thing from a very large distance. It’s one of our most important powers.

The door opened, and I pretended to be indifferent in a corner of the room. I had been playing with Selfi until then, and now I was wasting time on the carpet. But I was keeping an eye out to see when Color would come in.

Music, Lumi entered one by one, and then no one. Could I have been mistaken? But no, in a few moments, my good friend appeared at the door. And we both played as we know how to do it.

I jumped on him, and he fell back, pretending to be surprised. I’m sure of that, he was pretending, even though lately it seems he’s getting better and better at pretending. He sits down and is so, super dizzy, as if thousands of green stars are flying around his head.

Then we ate, played, and let them talk. I heard them say that we’re all going to space and I was happy that we’re going on an adventure. I’ll show everyone what brave Timok can do. And, to show that I’m not only brave but also very smart, let me tell you something else.

Do you know what it means that we’re going to space? Hmm, how can I explain it to make it easier to understand. One evening, when you can, ask mom or dad to take you somewhere where you can see the sky.

You’ll see, above you, a bunch of stars. Some shine less, others more. We call them stars, but they are all sorts of things: planets, stars, asteroids – that is small boulders floating in space looking for a place to crash, and many others.

Usually, around a star (The Sun is a star) a few planets rotate. In our solar system (it’s called this because it’s the system of planets around the Sun), there are 9 planets. Well, people say there are 8 and that Pluto, the planet where I live, would be a dwarf planet and blah blah.

But we, the people of Pluto, do not agree with this. I mean, why wouldn’t our planet be a planet like all the others?

What’s a planet? Hmm, a planet is like a big boulder, like a ball if you want, made of rocks, ice, and all sorts of other things. You see, unlike stars, planets do not spread light around them. The Sun and other stars are like fireflies. And the planets gather around them to enjoy the light they give.

Several planets swarm around our Sun, as I was saying. I will tell you about each one later, as there’s no need to learn everything at once. But it’s good to remember what I said earlier.

The Sun is a firefly, Here and there, And around it swarm, They spin and spin, Nine big and small balls Giants, but also dwarfs.

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