After a few days, Uranus showed up in front of us – a giant ball. In a way, it looked a lot like Neptune, blue and very cold. Around it there were 13 thin and shiny rings. I know you are wondering if it looked like a laid barrel as Selfi described it. The answer is yes, it did look like a barrel that has been laid on its side.

“Do we know anything about the creatures living on this planet?” asked Color.

The ship responded immediately. “No one saw the creatures before. None of the other explorers saw them. They could only hear some noises. Before we took off, I have told them that we are coming, but I have only received a written message back, without a picture or a video.”

 I remember that we had to put on a lot of thick clothes. It was freezing cold there. After we were sure that we had enough warm clothes on, we went out the door. While walking, everyone was silent. We were all curious to see what is waiting for us on the other side of the door. Were these creatures going to be weird?

When the door opened, I got my answer. These creatures were more than weird…. they were very, very weird. They looked like balls and they were spinning around very fast. They were spinning because they had no legs or hands, so this is how they moved around. As soon as we got off the ship we saw that there were hundreds and hundreds of balls that were spinning that fast. 

Color told them that we are very happy to be there, on Uranus, but they did not say anything back. These balls kept on rolling and spinning back and forth as if we were not there.

We looked at one another not knowing what to do. How could we communicate with some creatures that did not even have hands? We couldn’t even use the sign language. 

“I have an idea,” said Music and then he started clapping his hands. One – two, one – two. He clapped every time he said “two”.

“I will also try,” said Lumi. But she counted to three and then clapped. “One – two – three – CLAP.”

They had a nice rhythm and you know me. Every time I hear music, I start to dance. Out of nowhere, my tail started moving, then my ears and then my entire body.

“I always thought that music can be a way to communicate,” said Music. He was happy to see that the entire family was now clapping along. 

We kept on clapping and dancing, but the balls were still not interested to talk to us. They kept on moving around and ignoring our music. So one by one, we stopped clapping. Everything became silent.

We had to find a way to talk to them. We could not leave Uranus without the sealed document. 

Then, Lumi tried to talk to them. Selfi drew something. I even tried to fart, how I did on Neptune, but it did not work. They were still not interested in us. 

When Color saw how sad we all were, he tried to cheer us up:

“Once upon a time, the creatures from three planets had a meeting and they started to brag. The humans from Earth said – We will reach the Moon. There is no one greater than us! Then, the humans from Pluto proudly said – We will reach Neptune! I am sure that there is nothing more difficult than that! The last ones were the monsters from the Make Make Planet. They said – We will reach the Sun! When the others heard that, they started rolling on the floor from laughter. “Have you heard that?! They want to reach the Sun!!”  Maybe they did not know that the Sun will fry them with its heat. ”How will you do that?” The monsters answered calmly – It is simple, we will go during the night. 

We were so tired of trying to talk to the creatures from Uranus, that Color’s joke made us burst into laughter. We were laughing as if we were home, playing all sorts of games. We were having so much fun, that we forgot entirely about the small balls.

But suddenly everything became silent and frozen. The balls stopped jumping. moved aside and formed a path for us to follow. It was as if they were trying to show us the way to… somewhere.

While were staring amazed at what just happened, we realized that maybe our laughter was the correct way to communicate with the balls. So, we followed the path, curious to see what adventures waited ahead. 

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