We followed the monsters through the fluffy jelly, which was their home, until we reached a place that looked like a city. I mean, it only looked like a normal town, but it was not normal at all. It was a town made out of sweets. I am still drooling when I think about it.  The streets were made out of something fluffy and wobbly, just like the clouds; and the houses… they were very special. The houses on Neptune were actually big marshmallows with pointed roofs; and they were placed in a line. It was as if someone had placed them on a baking tray, ready to be put in the oven.

When I saw all those houses with their funny looking roofs, I immediately wanted to eat all of them. I even gave a short cry, but no one heard me. Then, I got sad and let my ears drop, but still nothing. The others didn’t notice me. 

Color was walking in front, lost in his own thoughts. Lumi was analysing the street and Music was humming a weird song. And Selfi… was being Selfi. She was writing down everything in her notebook. Probably she wanted to be able to remember everything.

The monsters took us to the biggest house on the street. They all went inside and… as big as the house was, I was still surprised that they could all fit in. We also followed them inside and we saw that the house looked like a huge cave. Not only that all of us could fit in, but there was so much space between us that we had to shout instead of talking normally. Otherwise, we could not hear each other.

For some time we sat silently and looked at each other. I was just thinking that these monsters are very weird, when one of them suddenly came to us. I thought that he would start talking in a very thick voice that sounded like rocks falling off a mountain. But it was not at all like that.

Have you ever been to a party where they had helium balloons? When people inhale the helium they start talking in a very sharp voice. Well… this is exactly how the monster was talking.

When I heard him, I started laughing so much that… another fart escaped. I am lucky that my fur is so golden and no one can see me blush. When the monster heard me, he quickly stopped talking  and started laughing loudly. They were all laughing and pointing towards me, as if I was their fool. I ran back behind Color’s legs and hoped that I would melt of embarrassment. Unfortunately, I did not melt and disappear. 

Then, the monster started talking again in his whiny voice and Selfi nodded happily. She could finally understand something. I did not believe that she could actually understand, but I remained silent. I wanted to see what happens next.

After the monster finished talking, Selfi turned to us and said:

“He told us that if we want to receive their seal on the document, we have to pass through three difficult challenges. They also said that no one else managed to pass them. So we should not get our hopes high as they are almost impossible. To pass the first challenge, we need to run faster than their Bilubici champion. The second challenge is a complicated riddle and for the third challenge we need to be able to speak their language.

They were probably waiting for an answer, but they did not receive one. We were too shocked.  How smart can you be to understand someone talking in such a whiny voice? Seriously! I mean, would you understand anything? I wanted to say something mean, but I stopped halfway.  However, the sounds that came out of my mouth sounded like their language. The others looked at me amazed. They thought that I was able to speak Neptunian. I was not. I was just fooling around and making funny sounds. I am sure that you have also done that.

Then, Selfi continued as if we were having a normal conversation at home. 

”We need to form teams. We have to see who is best at what. I think that my mother and I are good at solving riddles.  Dad, I think that you will easily be able to learn their language. It is not difficult at all. I will explain how to learn it quickly. We can all learn it, but only you, dad, can make it sound funny as well.  Timok, you will take part in the running challenge. You cannot run, but you can jump and pass through the obstacles like no one else can. Music will encourage you with his songs.”

This is how we all started to prepare for the challenges; and of course that I had to be the first one. Apparently, the running challenge was the monsters’ favourite one. So I prepared as much as possible. I stood up on my back legs and inhaled deeply. Then, I sat on my tummy and closed my eyes. I was hoping that I could become invisible. I did not. Everyone could still see me.

I had to run fast and win. I think that in our lives, we sometimes also have to run fast, just like in the Bilubici game. 

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