I knew that Lumi was used to giving others positive energy when she was shining, but I have never heard her talk like she had to do now. So I was very curious to see what was going to happen next. What happened was very interesting.

“When I was young, people used to act as if I was the centre of the universe.  Everyone did that, my family and my friends. Because of that I started to believe that I was born to be the chosen one. I was the centre of everything and the others were there to please me.

I forgot that friendship is a two way street, that friendship means that you have to help each other. With time, my perfect universe changed and I started to spend my days being mad at people and friends who would not do as I said. I kept on making them do things for me to prove their friendship and loyalty towards me, without ever doing something for them in return.

 Then everything changed completely. My friends found other friends who were not as selfish as I was. They were always kind and helpful. But I still believed that the others were meant to serve me. So I was left alone, because no one wanted to be friends with me.

I felt betrayed and I was sure that the others were jealous of me. They were the problem, not me.

Until one day, when I met Molk. She was the same age as I was, but she was happy, positive and very active. We used to play together from dusk to down, until one day when she did not show up. I thought that she had also left me for other friends, so I became mad and sad again. After a week, I was so mad that I stopped eating. My parents were very worried. 

Later I found out that Molk was in the Hospital. She was very sick and I didn’t even think to ask if something happened to her. I preferred to believe that she abandoned me andI stayed mad at her. But luckily Molk got well and we continued to be friends. We are still good friends now.

This story was a big lesson for me. I learned that if you want to have friends, then you need to care about them and be kind to them. After that I have never got mad at any of my friends again, because I always talked to them to find out the truth. 

After this lesson, I changed a lot. I started to help the others first when someone needed help, to prove my friendship instead of only asking them if they are my best friends. 

This is how I discovered that I am a Luminator and then I started shining light everywhere I went. The neighbourhood I lived in, was always covered my positive light. When I do something for others, I never expect anything in return. People on Pluto appreciate me more now, when I give without asking for something in exchange.

I learned to accept people just the way they are. Sometimes good people do mean things, but that does not make them bad. Smart people can also do foolish things, but that does not mean that they are stupid. We all make mistakes and we all deserve to be forgiven.

I know that you understand what I am saying. We do not have storms that give us energy when we get old, but we have helpers, like Molk, who show us the right way and help us grow and become wise.

What I want to tell you and I think that you do not know it is this: I have lived a long time without knowing what a true friendship is. But after I learned how precious a friendship is, I have always tried to make sure that my friends are happy. 

I think that you, the creatures from Uranus, are our friends and friends do not think about what they will receive but about what they can offer. “

After this, Lumi stopped talking and the light shone bright again. We did it! We passed the second challenge!

But in order to receive the seal, we had to go to a Ball Dance. When I heard that I immediately imagined myself dancing like a princess.  Well.. I mean like a prince. Yes, like a prince!

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