When I saw the Ship for the first time, I got scared. I, the Brave Timok, was afraid of something. You know, it is not shameful to say that you are afraid. It helps us see the dangerous things around us.

Fear makes our body faster, our minds more alert and our hearing better. Of course, when you get scared, you have to think about how to fight the fear. It is simple to do that. For example, when I am afraid of someone I try to think about why I feel so afraid. What can I do to stop feeling afraid?

Think about what you would do, if you were afraid of someone. Think about that and then go and talk to your mother and father about it. They can teach you what they did when they were afraid.

That is also what I did. I went closer to Lumi and Color, to make sure that they can help me if I need it. While standing there I started looking around. I analysed the Ship to see how big it was. It was very, very big! It looked like a ball with some bars around it. Think about your kicking ball and imagine that it has huge antennas to help it float. I am not sure how the antennas were helping though.

And then the Ship spoke to me. It said: “Timok! Timok! I am so happy to see you!” It had a very kind and soft voice and it made my fear disappear. But I was still careful. I knew that the nice voice can be just a trap.

 Then, I quickly followed Lumi and Color on a bridge made of iron. The bridge was leading into the Ship and when I entered it I realized that I was back at home. I was very confused. I went quickly outside to see if something magical had happened and if we had been teleported home. But outside were only that iron bridge and the people who were looking at us.

I got scared again and I ran back inside. But after I saw my own bed and food bowl I forgot that I was scared. So, I laid down and I started thinking.

What magic can this be? How can they take our entire home and push it inside the Ship? Then, I heard Music and Selfi talk. They said that the builders were very good at building our house just like ours, but inside the ship.

After that, I started liking the Ship and we became friends. It looked after us and I saw it as part of our family: the big Ship, the five small humans and one micinik going on our biggest adventure yet.

Let me tell you about the big ships. They travel so high up that there is no noise, no air or any of the things that you see on Earth. It is like that because Earth has an invisible force that pulls us down towards the Earth surface.  This is called gravity and because of it you cannot jump very high.

Actually, as soon as you jump, this force activates and pulls you down on Earth. I am sure that you have seen birds flying. They have to move their wings to fight this force.

Look carefully at the birds when they are flying. You will see that they fly a bit up, and then down, and then up and down again. When they go down, it means that the force is pulling them down. When they go up, it means that they use their wings to fight the force. I will explain more about the force later.

This magical force is called gravity. Because of it, everything you drop will fall down. For example, if you have a ball in your hand and you let it go, it will only go down. It will not fall up, to the left or to the right.

If you want to make the ball jump up, you have to hit it hard. The harder you hit it, the higher it will go. 

It is the same with the ships that fly around the stars. When they have to leave Earth and fly out, they need a big force to fight the gravitation. That is why they have enormous motors with fire that push them up the sky.

After they reach the sky, the gravitation power is smaller and the ships do not need to use all their motors. After they reach space, the ships start to float and stop using the motors or any special power. There, in space, the humans inside the ships also float, because there is no gravity to pull them down.

On our next adventure, I will tell you more about the ships and their special powers. Until then, remember what you have learnt from this adventure.

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