The other day I could sniff Color from far away.  You see, we, the miciniks have a very sensitive nose and we can sniff a person or an object from great distances. This is one of our most important powers.

So, when the door opened, I pretended to be indifferent. I was just lying in a corner. I had been playing with Selfi until then, and now I was just there, resting on the carpet, while checking the door with one eye.

People came in one by one. First Music, then Lumi and then… no one. There was no one there. Was I wrong? I was not! After a few seconds my good friend also came in and we started playing like we always do.

I bumped into him and he fell on his back, pretending to be surprised. I know for sure that he was pretending, even though lately he became very good at acting. He lays there and looks very dizzy, as if he has shiny stars flying around his head.

After dinner, we played a bit and then they started talking. I could hear them say that we are all going to space. I was so happy! We were going on an adventure! I will show everyone what Timok the Brave can do! Also, I am not only brave, but also smart and…. let me ask you something:

Do you know what it means when I say that we are going to space? Well, how can I explain it to you? One evening, when you have time, ask your mother or father to take you to a place from where you can see the entire sky.

When you will look up, you will see millions of stars. Some shine more than others. We call them stars, but they are actually a lot of other things: planets, stars, asteroids and many others. Asteroids –  are small rocks that float in space and look for a place to crash

Usually, a few planets go around a star. The Sun is a star. We also have a Solar System and it is named Solar System because the planets go around the Sun. In our Solar system there are 9 planets. Ok.. ok.. some people say that there are only 8 planets and that Pluto, my home planet, is a dwarf planet and blah blah.

But we, the ones living on Pluto, do not agree with it. I mean… why wouldn’t our planet be like all the other planets?!

What is a planet you ask? Hmm.. a planet is like a huge rock, like a ball made out of stones, ice and all sorts of things. You see, the stars shine light around them, but planets do no shine any light. The Sun and the stars are like small fireflies and the planets gather around them to enjoy their light.

Like I said, around the Sun go round multiple planets. Later, I will tell you more about each of them. We do not have to learn everything in one day; you just need to remember what I have told you earlier.

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