While Selfi was talking to the furry monsters, I kept on wondering what Bilubici was. I played many games in my life, but I have never ever heard of Bilubici. Then, I looked at those creatures and I wondered how fast they run… and what should I do to be faster than them.

I think that Selfi could feel that I was nervous, because she came to me and solved the mystery. 

“Timok, the Bilubici room is the one on the left side. It is as big as a stadium, because you will have to run a lot, jump over some obstacles and sneak through some others. Just imagine that you enter a child’s messy room, one that hasn’t been cleaning for a long time. On the floor, there will be a lot of sharp toys that are just waiting for you to step on them. Around you, there will be other toys that are about to fall on top of you, so you will have to walk past without touching them. At the end of all these, there will be a button that you will have to press with your nose. But that is not the end. After pressing the button, you have to walk back to the start line, without touching or stepping on anything. Also, there will be a Neptunian that will race you and you need to be faster than him.”

When I heard about a room with toys that have not been gathered for a long time, I started thinking about the day I walked into Music’s room. I tried to sneak past a mountain of small cars, but they all fell on my head. They were very heavy.  But I am lucky. If you remember I can change my shape and become thin as a string needle or flat as a pizza. Anyway, what I mean with this story is that you, children, should always tidy your rooms. It is very difficult to walk into a messy room without getting hurt. “Please, please do not forget to tidy your rooms!” 

I moved my ears to say that I understood how to play Bilubici. All I had to do was to run and run and run, press a button with my nose and then run all the way back. Oh and I have to sneak past some big obstacles. Simple!

And it did sound very simple in my head, until I went into the room on the left. I am still amazed by it. That was not a room. I don’t understand why you would call a room something that is as big as a town… I couldn’t see the ceiling or any of the walls. And there was more. It seemed that the child playing with those toys was a giant child, who had many, many toys. They were everywhere! Compared to me, they looked like valleys and mountains. While analysing the mountains… I realized something…. Can you imagine for how long I will have to run just to touch that button with my cute nose? And then turn around and start all over… ?

Suddenly, next to me appeared a Neptunian monster. He was making all sorts of weird warm-up movements. He was stretching his arms, legs, neck and flapping his ears. He also gave me a pity look. He looked at me as if I had no chance, as if I was already a loser. 

That made me furious! What do you mean that I, Timok the Brave, have no chance?! I will be so fast that he won’t even see me pass him. I wanted to bark at him, but a mouse sound distracted me. When I looked back at the Neptunian he was not there anymore. Oh no! The race had already started!! 

Luckily Selfi started yelling at me and I woke up from my wondering. I started running as fast as I could. While I was running I could hear Music sing. He was singing our favourite play-time song. When I hear that song, I always get a lot of energy!  So I started running full speed ahead until I almost reached the Neptunian.  He was very fast! But when I realized that he is the only one who knows where the button is, I became even faster in order to keep up with him.  I jumped over a sticky mountain; I sneaked under a drawer that was upside down on the floor, passed by some bottles and quickly flew over some sort of a puddle. I was safe on the other side, but the Neptunian was nowhere to be seen. I looked back and I saw that he was stuck in a bottle neck. Probably he had hit his head and he was too dizzy to get out. So I started thinking: “Should I go further and find the button on my own? Or should I go back to help him and then risk losing because he is faster than me?”

 I decided to go back. My micinik heart did not let me go further without helping him. Even though this meant that I could lose the race. I just couldn’t leave him there. I hate when something bad happens to the ones around me.

I changed my shape, became thin and went into the bottle to save him. The Neptunian started saying something in his weird language, but I could not understand him. I just took his fluffy hand and pulled him out.  I thought that once we got outside, he would jump in front of me and start running fast. But he did not. He was still very dizzy and could not move. So I decided to change myself into a pizza shape. The Neptunian climbed on my back and we continued the race together. Every time we had to go left or right, he would pull my ears. He pulled the left ear for a left turn and the right ear a right turn. I must admit that I do not like when someone pulls my ears, but I had to be silent. I wanted to win. 

Not long after, I could finally see the end of the room and the BUTTON! I reached it and touched it gently with my nose. Then I wanted for the Neptuanin to touch it as well, but he did not want to do it. “That is weird,” I told myself. He then signaled that we should go back to the start line. The way back seemed a lot easier and at the end, everyone applauded us, even the monsters. Apparently, they appreciated that I did not leave my rival alone in that bottle. For this, they gave me a shiny, golden medal. That felt great!

Color, Lumi, Selfi and Music hugged me and fluffed my fur as much as they could. We had started the competition with a win and that was a very good thing. Two more challenges and then they would put their seal  on the document. After this, we will be going to the next planet to get another sealed document.  We wanted to bring all of them to Earth and prove that Pluto is a real planet! 

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